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Motivation, engagement & education for your equity plans

The Pomelo+ platform is here to make your life easier. We give founders an overview of their schemes, upcoming vesting dates and a complete summary of their employee equity table.

For employees we help them understand what it all means so they can get excited about the fact they own a little slice of the company they're working for. The platform gives them transparency and overview to keep them engaged throughout the whole lifecycle of their equity.

Full equity transparency

Pomelo+ gives founders an overview of all equity plans, tracks employee vesting schedules and gives complete oversight on everything with your equity plans.

Always expanding

We want this platform to grow with our clients, adding new modules (or segments ;) so if you've got a request for something you'd like to see included, please get in touch! We would love to hear form you.


Platform features

Education Hub

All the information employees and founders need for their equity plans. From articles, videos, tutorials and full customer support for any additional questions you may have.

Plan Dashboard

Complete overview for employees and founders on everything their plan consists of. Including live updates and highlighted key milestones and easy access to plan information.

Compliance Portal

Management of valuations, filing dates and documents that keep your start up fully compliant with the HMRC. We help you with all of this as apart of your subscription to Pomelo+

Platform benefits

Employee Motivation

Because your employees can login, interact, learn and stay up to date on their equity plan, you can rest assured that they understand what it really means and that they stay motivated and engaged with it for the long term.

Founder Overview

Keeping your equity plan up to date and managed can be an absolute hassle for founders. Having Pomelo+ means you get full overview on everything to do with your companies equity plan.

Staying Compliant

Keeping up to date with your HMRC requirements is crucial in ensuring your equity scheme stays relevant. Having Pomelo+ means it's one less thing for you to worry about.

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