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Motivating your team with equity

What does Pomelo do?

Pomelo helps start-up founders maximise engagement and motivation through equity. We provide effective and easy equity plans, education sessions and monitoring for your employees. No matter what stage your employees are in their equity journey we can help them understand the true potential of this amazing benefit.

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Who needs Pomelo?

If you’re a start-up founder, who wants to retain, motivate and thank their employees with equity, but don’t know where to start or don’t have the time to piece it together; then you are just the people we’re looking to help. It’s mighty lucky you found us. 

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What we offer

Getting your equity plan in place can be just another item in your never ending to do list. Which is why we have some easy squeezy solutions to go from zero to sorted in no time.



From percentages, how to approach the process to what criteria is standard and maximises motivation.


EMI Schemes

We tailor EMI schemes for you to run past HMRC and your employees. These agreements are based off industry best practices.



Whether it's for our schemes or one you've already got in place - we can help them understand and engage with their equity.



Our Pomelo+ Platform (coming soon) is how we keep you in the loop, and your employees engaged.


Support Wizards

We can manage all the hairy questions from employees and assist in the on-going managing compliance requirements.

Shall we get started?

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