How we turn equity into your companies biggest reward

Equity the Pomelo way

There's so much complication around equity that doesn't need to be there, and not enough focus on what really matters - the people.

At Pomelo we refocus on people, putting them first and ensuring the equity journey is understood and benefits both founders and employees.

Why does execution matter?

The fact is, as a founder giving away equity can and should be a big deal for you too. You want your team to recognise it as a reward for their risk and belief in your mission. With approximately 80% of start-up employees not understanding or interacting with it, how can they grasp just how epic it is?


Equity can and should be your companies biggest motivator. However for it to be, you need to execute it the right way - making sure your team understands every aspect and can get excited to enter on this wild ride with you.


Keeping top talent is good for everyone, and with an equity plan your team understands and can interact with, this element becomes so much easier. Your employees will not only be engaged in their own scheme, but also in the mutual success of the business.

So, this is where we can help


Equity Advice

Think of us as your Equity coaches. We don't just throw you a template and say "good luck". We work through what your company needs and whats best for you and your employees.

Get to know us, before we get to know you.

Pomelo is founded by three serial thinkers, who love to see what innovative businesses are creating across any market. Our goal is to help them make change, by taking care of one more item off a founder's never ending to-do list, so they can focus on their core business.